Your Audience is Diverse. How Diverse are Your Communications?

Your Audience is Diverse. How Diverse are Your Communications?

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How many times have you had a tough conversation with your parents? Maybe it felt as if you weren’t truly being heard, or maybe it was difficult to connect given the different nuances and experiences. It isn’t about your parents, of course, it could be a neighbor, a colleague, or a friend you’ve known your whole life. And still, things are… complicated.

Now, multiply that situation by a thousand or a million. Then, add complex layers, such as culture, language, perspective, and worldview. If communications can be difficult on a personal level with someone we know intimately, communications across cultural lines brings new challenges.

But relax, you’ll be fine.

In this workshop, we’ll explore effective communications and share examples from more than 25 years of working across cultures and audiences, including Indian Country, immigrant, African American, Asian Pacific Islander, and Latino communities. You’ll walk away with strategies and practical tips to bring your cause to life, engaging with multi-cultural audiences and generating impact.

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