Measuring and Communicating the Impact of Your Digital Strategy

Measuring and Communicating the Impact of Your Digital Strategy

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Communications professionals are always on the hook to validate decisions and priorities, demonstrate success, and continually improve the performance of their digital properties and campaigns. Building off our successful ComNet webinar held last fall, this session will dive into the specifics of building a successful strategy for measuring the impact of your communications strategies.

Through a series of hands-on activities and breakout discussion groups, we will cover:

  • How to plan your digital initiatives with measurement in mind
  • How to ensure that your communications activities are making the greatest impact on your mission
  • How to develop a reporting strategy tailored to each level of leadership within your organization.
  • The importance of building a sustainable data collection and reporting process that will support your team in the long term.

The goal of this session is to provide you with the key resources, structure and tactics you will need to confidently build, run, and measure your communications activities effectively.

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